Our roots are connected. Let's work together for a sustainable future.

How can we help?

We can assist you in converting your home, office or school into a zero waste site. We can also arrange a workshop for your community.

Zero Waste School

We help to convert your school into a zero waste school through upcycling, composting and educating all stakeholders at school to reduce production of waste.

Zero Waste Home

We can help reduce the waste at your home through our innovative ideas and programs. You will receive regular support from us to convert your home into a zero waste house eventually.

Eco Workshops

We conduct various workshops at your school, organisation and community in order to spread environment awareness. Beside being really informative, our workshops are fun and solution based.

Popular campaign


Zero Waste School
Zero Waste School
July 16, 2015

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Zero Waste Homes
Zero Waste Homes
April 12, 2015

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Eco-School Workshops
Eco-School Workshops
April 12, 2015

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Zero waste Campaign


Sustainable living starts one step at a time – from our homes, schools and organizations. Zero waste movement is a way we can make a difference at our homes that can make a big impact in the world. Most of our major cities are facing waste management crisis. This problem is estimated to grow rapidly if we do not start the production of waste at our homes and offices. We must start following the philosophy of reduce, reuse and recycle.



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How can you help?

Solid waste Management is a problem faced by most people living in our country. We have to solve this problem together. Your small help can make a big impact somewhere.

Make a donation

You can make a donation to convert a community school in Nepal into a Zero Waste School. All the amount donated will be used for the same cause. And you will receive an invoice too!

Become a volunteer

We need you, Earth needs you!
Help us create a strong foundation for sustainable future. You will be spending your time for one of the best possible causes.

Give a gift!

You can send our custom-made dustbins to your family and friends. It will be one of their best gifts ever! While delivering the gift, we provide free zero waste awareness session too.

Our latest events

Buddhanilkantha Model School

A big step in our young journey! Children are the roots of the future, if they start loving and protecting environment, our future will be sustainable.

We inaugurated our ZERO WASTE SCHOOL Project at Buddhanilkantha Model Community School. It was wonderful to see the commitment of children to make their school- a zero waste school. Seeing these children’s excitement has made us more committed to helping them and hundreds of other schools like them in every shape and form.


We are here simply because of valuable contribution made by them.

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